Taffeta Pinafore Dress Design By Lisa Elliot, Neo 80, 1985

Model Photo Test Shots

DSCN4354fxneo80dressI was recalling the origins of this picture, and I will now relate them. This is another Nina Blanchard New Face of 1985. Cathy, A fantastic subject to photograph as you may have already possibly noticed. I felt I needed to develop my portfolio some more, since I was getting models to test with. So I went down to Melrose Ave., checking out fashions for Cathy to wear in a test shoot. So I walked into this store with beautiful, creative, one of a kind, inspiring designs by Lisa Elliot called NEO 80, I introduced myself to a gentleman named Klause Wille, whom I believe was Lisa’s partner. I told Klause of my situation and he agreed to loan me a dress for a few hours, if I provided an 11×14 print of the image of his choice to display in his store, NEO 80.

I then brought…

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Your sexuality IS embraceable! A book trailer

You are Embraceable….

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Hello beauties!

I’m thrilled to share with you the Embraceable trailer, featuring me and eight of the book’s contributing authors. It was a blast to make, and well worth the learning curve. (I’ve never done anything quite like this!)

Special thanks to Gabe at Global Voice Broadcasting for making it shine. 😀

Stay tuned for news on the paperback and virtual release party—coming soon! Wishing you a fabulous weekend. ♥


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5 Ways to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Feet #HeelFree

Heal your feet with heel free shoes!

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“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.” — Naomi Wolf

Most articles on choosing the right shoes for your feet aim at managing problems caused or worsened by high heels, or athletes, who tend to care more about their extremities than the average Joanne. One thing my #HeelFree campaign has taught me is that foot care is an invaluable form of self-care. We should all prioritize it.

1. Know your foot type and needs.

Back in my acting and modeling days, I was a leg double for a film actress in a photo shoot. I spent hours walking up and down a runway in shoes that were too small and narrow for my feet—which haven’t been the same since. Shoes that don’t fit aren’t worth it (even if you’re being paid to wear them).

Size is only one important consideration while shoe shopping. Stop by an…

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4 Things You Need To Know About Your (Beautiful) Vulva

Vulva care!

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Don’t play with her heart. Play with her vulva. It feels better. 

I couldn’t find a single happy vulva quote archived online. Can you believe that? Considering the mighty wonder of the area, it’s remarkable that vaginas get most of the attention. Don’t get me wrong—vaginas rock!  But what do you say we take some time to celebrate its pleasure-centric, splendiferous sister, Ms. Vulva?

vulva quote

4 Things You Need to Know About Your Vulva

1. It’s not your vagina. 

If your first thought when spotting this post was, “My vulva… I know it’s somewhere down there, but…what is it again?” you’re far from alone. Many folks confuse vaginas with vulvas. Your vagina is the passageway into your body. Your vulva is everything outside of it—including your labia (lips), the mounded area over your pubic bone, your clitoris. To see medical drawings via the Cleveland Clinic, click here.

2. You shouldn’t scrub it.


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Risky Business: Common Pitfalls of High Heel Shoes #HeelFree

Heels are not always HO….but hazardous.

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“I cannot tell you how bad your feet will get in the future if you don’t bother helping yourself now, and if you’re already in pain and decide not to do anything about it, I guarantee things will only get worse with time. This is not to scare you, but to emphasize how important your feet are and teach you to look at your feet in a different way than you may have before.”

Dr. Sara Johnson, chiropractic physician

Dr. Johnson’s message summarizes much of what I’ve been pondering since my #HeelFree campaign began: the importance of foot care and how seldom we, as a culture, tend to consider it.

The average woman in the U.S. spends around $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime. If she gets bimonthly pedicures, she’ll spend about $1,345 per year on prettying up her toes. Time and money invested in protecting her feet from damage? Not…

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